Available throughout South Africa

Baltic Amber for Africa, owned by Julia Weisensee, is an eco-friendly company selling Baltic amber products. Baltic amber products are excellent for teething babies and arthritis and contain anti-inflammatory properties.

Amber is not actually a stone and therefore not cold to the touch, coming from a fossilised tree resin in forests that were flooded by the sea millions of years ago.

Associated with sunlight and warmth, it is a very old custom in various parts of Europe and the Far east for babies and children to wear amber. Baltic Amber is reputed to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and accelerate wound healing, making it a perfect soother for babies and children when teething.

Today we believe that amber’s healing and soothing power is due to two things. When the amber lies on the skin it warms up and this releases succinic acid which is very therapeutic for inflammation and infection. Amber is also believed to create an electromagnetic field that enhances the human frame of mind.

Naturally, the more amber that is worn, the more powerful the therapeutic effect is.