3 Reasons why Baltic Amber is ideal for your teething baby

3 Reasons why Baltic Amber is ideal for your teething baby

Baltic Amber – you may have heard of it, but do you know about its benefits for teething babies? Baltic amber, also known as Succinite, is a fossilized tree resin specifically from the area near the Baltic Sea. It has been popular for centuries in Europe and the Far East for babies and children to wear amber. Here are some benefits of Baltic amber for your teething baby.

Reduces pain and discomfort

Babies can get really fussy during the teething process, and no mom or dad wants to see their little one in pain. Our Baltic amber teething necklaces help reduce pain and discomfort, in turn lessening their irritability and fussiness.

Reduces inflammation

Inflammation is another uncomfortable symptom that babies have to endure during the teething. Inflammation causes red, swollen gums that itch, and may even lead to a rash appearing on your little one’s face. The succinic acid found in Baltic amber is excellent at minimizing inflammation in your baby’s gums.

Boosts the immune system

When a baby is teething, their immune system can get compromised because the pain of teething can put their little bodies under stress. This can lead to them being susceptible to other illnesses like colds and flus. Our Baltic amber beads reduce their pain, thereby easing the stress on their bodies and improving their immune system.

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