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Now in Durban, Daisy Chain Kids proudly stocks our Baltic Amber baby necklaces and bracelets.

We are proud to announce that Daisy Chain Kids now stock our Baltic amber teething necklaces and bracelets made for babies to provide both a natural and homeopathic way to relieve pain during teething. Suitable from ages 3-4 months, these teething bracelets and necklaces are proven to exhibit anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties. Allopathic medicine practitioners recognize […]

The natural and therapeutic properties of amber help with physical, mental, as well as emotional problems in adults too.

When most people think of Baltic amber, they think of the miraculous teething bracelets for babies. What most people don’t know is that Baltic amber can be just as helpful to adults as well as having no side-effects at all. After all, it isn’t called the healing stone for nothing. So what does it do? […]

Explore the soothing properties of our Baltic Amber products, now available at Klein Windhoek Pharmacy, Namibia.

Baltic amber is the result of millions of years of fossilised tree resin, which has been used by mankind since the beginning of time. It releases Succinic acid which is already present in our bodies and acts as a catalyst for reducing inflammation, pain relief and boosting the immune system. No parent wants to see […]

different shapes and colour

Discover how different types of tree resin can influence the shape and colour of amber.

Among all the beauty produced naturally in this world, Baltic amber is definitely one of nature’s most remarkable creations. When you picture amber in your mind, you think of one colour: Yellow. But did you know that Baltic amber has seven main colours with over 250 different shades? The seven main colours are: Yellow, white, […]

amber created in nature

Breakaway from man-made gemstones and learn how amber is produced naturally.

Before we look at the creation of amber, let’s walk back in history to the age where amber was first appreciated by mankind. For this, we will have to go back really far, all the way to the last part of the Stone Age. Yes! The Neolithic era was marked by the beginning of farming […]

positve energy

Amber’s electromagnetic fields will enhance your mood and improve your state of mind.

Should I be concerned about the EMFs (electromagnetic fields) emitted by Amber with regards to mine and my family’s health? While Amber does emit a very small amount of EMF, studies have shown that the effects from these fields on humans are all positive and actually beneficial to us. What are Amber’s electrostatic properties? Amber […]

when amber touches your skin

Unlock the secrets of Baltic Amber to relieve pain and alleviate stress

Amber has been used in Europe for hundreds of years and is famous for its healing properties. Amber isn’t a stone as many people believe. It’s made of fossilised tree resin and is warm to the touch. When amber touches human skin, it gets warm and releases succinic acid which has many healing properties. “Succinic” […]

nature’s safe soother for teething babies

Baltic Amber necklace, nature’s safe soother for teething babies.

The healing properties of Baltic amber have been known for centuries across Europe. Once the amber is warmed by the touch of human skin, succinic acid, a natural analgesic is released by the amber. This analgesicreduces the pain of teething in young children. In addition to teething pain, succinic acid also helps with inflammation as […]

amber is not a actually stone

So what is Baltic Amber and where does it originate from?

So if it isn’t actually a stone which is why it isn’t cold to the touch, then what is Baltic Amber really? Amber is made of fossilised tree resin from forests that were flooded by the sea millions of years ago. The fossilised resin used in Baltic Amber for Africa products originates from areas around the […]