Using Baltic Amber beads for pets

Baltic Amber is famously known for its immune-boosting qualities and its positive effects on the system. When amber lies on the skin it warms up and releases succinic acid which is therapeutic for inflammation and infection. Amber is also believed to have an impact on mental health. It creates an electromagnetic field enhancing the human frame of mind. WomanKind’s baltic amber range covers babies, adults, and our beloved animals.

What are Baltic amber beads?

Baltic amber jewellery, such as necklaces and bracelets, is made using shaped Baltic amber beads. The amber gemstone is a fossilised tree resin which contains a natural anti-inflammatory agent called succinic acid. They are often placed around a baby’s neck or ankles to help soothe the pain of teething. For adults, they are thought to be effective against conditions such as tennis elbow, repetitive strain injury and other general arthritic and inflammation pains.

Benefits of Baltic amber for pets

Pet Amber Collars are individually hand-crafted and used to help keep our pets free from ticks and fleas using a chemical-free and completely natural remedy. They are a natural alternative to the persistent problem of ticks and fleas in our homes. The collars are light and comfortable to wear, and will also give your pet a classy look!

Succinic acid is said to stimulate the brain and nervous system, which helps both people and animals cope with mental and emotional stress. It has also been shown to successfully relieve irritability and other common symptoms associated with emotional distress amongst dogs, cats, and other animals!

Amber is not a stone and therefore not cold to the touch. It comes from a fossilised tree resin in forests that were flooded by the sea millions of years ago. Get in touch with us at WomanKind for more information on our Baltic Amber products.